Thursday, June 7, 2018

Fighting For Y&R's Mishael Morgan

Mishael Morgan is sailing away from the adventures of Hilary Curtis and the top notched Hevon pairing. This cannot be real.
It is with a breaking heart to disclose that beloved she-ro, the helm of the precious, heavily tormented Hevon ship, Emmy nominated Mishael Morgan may possibly be leaving Young and the Restless. After five years on daytime's number one soap opera, Morgan has chosen to depart from what appears to be due to contract negotiations. If that is the case, valiant fans are urging the powers behind Y&R to reconsider, to give Morgan all that she deserves for carrying the weight of not just her character's story lines but that of unworthy others.

Say it isn't so? A frustrated Devon (Bryton James) and concerned Hilary (Mishael Morgan)'s facial expressions definitely match up the emotional state of fans right now.
Great things are finally unraveling in Genoa City for Hilary Curtis and her one true love, Devon Hamilton. With no major secrets held from each other, a recent cutely announced baby on the way (created with a sweet compromise), and moving in together at the penthouse again (unfortunately near that awful interloping shell of a man), this news of Morgan's unexpected out is completely devastating.

Hevon: no other ship like the beautiful chemistry of Hevon. Mishael Morgan (Hilary) and Bryton James (Devon) worked so well together.
No one can imagine Genoa City without Hilary in it.

This is unbelievably wrong and cruel, like a nightmare that cannot be real.

For years, Hilary Hamilton has been a vital player in this small fictional Wisconsin town. A smart, resourceful beauty whose revenge plotting schemes threw certain folks in town for a loop. Yet, she eventually turned on a new leaf and became so much more than a vivacious temptress on a vengeance mission. With many notes to play, she had a heart of solid gold that melted in Devon's lion tatted arms. In the beginning, Hilary and Devon's love story was refreshing, wonderful, and titillating. They delivered sexy black romance in a spellbinding Shakespearean tragedy kind of way. Audiences knew that black Romeo and his black Juliet were meant to be, but countless obstacles continued marring their journey. In the midst of a sultry affair, the fallout, the engagement, and that gorgeous wedding, for a short while Hevon had it all. Eventually, fans had to deal with a horribly bad kidnapping story, an unnecessary divorce, characters like Jordan, Mariah, and Simone, and once again Neil.

Still, Hilary is pregnant and she is happy moving back in the penthouse with Devon.

For that road to ultimately stop, to have Morgan leave in the middle of this latest juicy reboot, crushes hopes and dreams. It is a solid punch in the gut, a sucker slap to the cheek, especially hurtful to those who have longed for Hilary and Devon to passionately reunite with tender declarations that reflect the old days of their once-in-a-lifetime-love, to start a beautiful little family-- a beautiful little black family (severely lacking in Genoa City). 

Look at all this hot chem: Mishael Morgan (Hilary) and Bryton James (Devon) are all smiles.
Moreover, Morgan's first Emmy nomination should have been the polarizing start of others, of a possible win for a black actress at last. Black viewers watch the Daytime Emmys year after year, witnessing black actor wins while black actresses continuously wait in the wings. Whereas, it was amazing that Days of Our Lives' James Reynolds (winner for Best Lead Actor) and Bold and the Beautiful's Rome Trumain (winner for Best Younger Actor) scored epic wins, black women were robbed in their categories. It appeared that down the line, someday, Morgan would not only be nominated but win a gold statuette for all of her excellent hard work. She is a most convincing artist, eloquently skilled at showcasing Hilary's layers: her tenacity, her humor, her compassion, her desire. Every week, Morgan delivered soap opera masterclass.

And many devoted fans will miss her if she truly does exit the canvas.

Please don't go....

However, if Morgan chooses to move forward, it will be okay. Valiant, devoted supporters will follow and champion anything that she shares to the world. She is multifaceted, capable of performing in any genre with chops for drama, comedy, all that rests between. There is no doubt that her career is meant to be more than half of a dynamic soap opera couple. Fans will miss her chemistry with Bryton James. That would be irreplaceable.

The best ship in daytime must carry on. If not, fans could join hands and sob together as we reflect on the best parts of this splendid pairing.

In the Hevon hearts, we're just praying that maybe it is not too late.

Currently, fans have the #Fight4Mishael campaign heating up online. Join the brigade.